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The International encyclopedia of Media Literacy

Autor: HOBBS, Renee; MIHAILIDIS, Paul (Ed.)

Editorial: Wiley

Categoria: Comunicació i cultura

Enllaç: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/book/10.1002/9781118978238?fbclid=IwAR3peGA-pY6UqlZzZRGss_W6TqLl46_Q_y30q6W9pvKFyRLquPnLw6yQju8&



The definitive international reference on a topic of major and enduring importance.

Dynamic, multidisciplinary, and global in scope, media literacy is one of today’s fastest growing fields of applied communications. Media literacy encompasses a truly vast range of issues, including participatory culture, digital learning, civic engagement, the impact of media on children, the sociocultural and political dimensions of literacy education, the role of media in shaping social identity, activism, digital teaching and learning, the role of media in shaping health behavior, the impact of news on society, and adolescent development, to name just a few. The first of its kind in ambition and scope, The International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy provides global coverage of this dynamic and swiftly moving topic. As wide ranging and inclusive as the subject it treats, this encyclopedia offers a perspective on the past, present and future of media literacy around the world.

Defines the vocabulary and key concepts that engendered the field and have shaped its trajectory over the past half-century
Co-edited by the foremost names in Media Literacy and features contributions from leading international scholars and practitioners in the field
Organized around the major subject areas of media literacy history and theoretical foundations; community, democracy, and policy; identity and health; the news; media effects, children, family, and youth; literacy, technology, and education; digital media and learning
The International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy is an indispensable reference for students, teachers, scholars and practitioners of media literacy from a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences. It will also be of value to people in a wide array of professions and academic disciplines, including sociology, media studies, cultural studies, journalism, social media, educational and developmental psychology, and more.

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